About Us

Solution Based Railway Knowledge Through Technology & Global Connections

International Engineering provides Engineering & Marketing services as well as Products for technical disciplines such as Vehicle/Track Interaction, Vehicle Performance Monitoring, Track Integrity, Friction Management, Profile Optimization, Continuous-Welded-Rail Management, Yard Management, Route Planning and Expert Witness support.

International Engineering delivers Solution-Based Technologies & Global Connections through State-of-the-Art & Leading-Edge Knowledge. Our Engineered & Field-Tested Products, Technical &Commercial Consulting, Management Support, and Best-In-Class Solutions serve the Global Railway Community.

Research & Development

Internal & external R&D programs keep International Engineering at the leading edge of technology and at the forefront of state-of-the-art concepts. We engage in proprietary programs as well as industry collaboration initiatives. iE works with governments, private companies, individuals, and partnering research facilities to advance strategic concepts and bring new technologies to challenging markets.