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Consulting Services - Technical, Commercial, & Wheel/Rail

Finding appropriate solutions to problems requires more than simply collecting information. International Engineering offers consulting services to help clients analyze and understand their information and further develop innovative technical solutions for improving efficiency, minimizing costs and reducing risks. Technical Engineering Services are provided by iE in the areas of:

  • Performance Monitoring Equipment (design, evaluation, optimization, maintenance & adaptation)
  • Vehicle / Track Interaction (maintenance, friction management, profile optimization, rail grinding, problem evaluation and remedy)
  • Continuous Welded Rail (CWR) & Track Structure, (management, evaluation, optimization, Stress State Reduction)
  • New Product Design & Development
  • Derailment Investigations & Expert Witness
  • Railcar performance evaluations, testing, modeling & analysis
  • Track-side & On-Board monitoring service
  • Market Analysis (Technical & Commercial)

Analysis & design of wheel / rail profiles to optimize performance, wear or damage issues through modeling, testing, analysis, and measurement are a core competency with many supporting programs. Our team are experts in derailment cause and prevention, suspension design optimization through computer modeling, data analysis, and site inspection. Our relevant experience includes team member participation in:

  • Design, analysis, and implementation of the standard North American freight wheel profile ( AAR1b )
  • Developed new wheel profile for organizations experiencing severe contact fatigue problems on wheels
  • Investigation of the Hatfield England RCF caused derailment
  • Original team member in the development of an industry standard in rail vehicle modeling software
  • Decades of experience with wheel / rail contact dynamics

Business Development Services

Business Development & Marketing Analysis/Direction for technical, international, and high value markets. Best-in-Class promotion of Best-in-Class products & Services. International Engineering ( iE ) provides Global Connections & Business Development Expertise with exceptionally strong Technical Knowledge (on 5 continents) primarily in the areas of:

  • Commercial & Technical Markets
  • New Technologies / Equipment Design & Promotion
  • Product Optimization & Adaptation
  • Market Analysis & New Market Evaluations
  • Performance Monitoring & Inspection Equipment
  • Vehicle/Track Interaction (Friction Management / Profile / Grinding)
  • Continuous Welded Rail Management ( SFT Management )
  • Stress State Reduction

RailAdvisor is the premier Solution of International Engineering. RA is a Solution Based platform that provides Technical Information, Contacts & Solutions to the professional, global railway community.

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