On-Board Test Equipment & Services

Instrumented Bogie

Instrumented Bogie

With decades of experience in railroad-related testing, analysis, research and consulting, our core experience in railcar dynamics, rail / wheel interaction, instrumentation and automatic monitoring systems provides the basis for innovative & industry leading services. International Engineering offers a comprehensive line of testing services such as:

  • Manned or Unmanned Data Collection Systems
  • Comprehensive Array of Sensor Systems
  • Ride Quality / Suspension Performance Tests
  • Stress, Vibration and Temperature Monitoring
  • Braking / traction studies
  • Carbody structural analysis

A typical automatic measurement system is capable of collecting data for weeks, completely unattended. This feature facilitates extensive over-the-road testing as well as long-term track-side testing. We have extensive experience with tests including the Association of American Railroads recommended practice 803-96 (AARRP-803-96) test specification for autorack cars and the ISO specification for passenger car ride comfort.

Our measurement equipment is designed to collect raw sensor data which makes the systems much more powerful than data loggers because raw data collection permits the most comprehensive analysis. We also maintain an inventory of sensors commonly used in over-the-road tests, including accelerometers, strain gauges, load cells, thermocouples, pressure sensors, and displacement transducers.


We also offer comprehensive track-side testing services. Track-side tests include wheel / rail interaction studies, gauge widening tests, axle misalignment measurements, and curving evaluations. Automatic measurement systems can be configured to record track-side measurements using AC, battery, or solar power. These systems can also automatically transfer data to off-site locations via land or cellular phone. Measurement include:

  • Wheel / rail forces
  • Axle displacements
  • Subgrade Movement
  • Bridge / Structural stresses
  • Rail thermal stresses
  • Track structure deflections