Weigh-In-Motion (WIM)

Rail Mounted Sensor Sensors

Rail Mounted WIM Sensors

Shifted Load

Shifted load

Monitor individual wheel weight as well as unsafe vehicle load conditions at track speed. Our Weigh-in-Motion Systems are composed of rail mounted sensors which are monitored by an automatic data collection system and includes an Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) reader for associating the wheel forces with the proper vehicles. The WIM module can be added to a WILD system or installed as a stand-alone detector - both at a low cost compared to other technologies.

WIM Measurements:

  • Wheel Load: Nominal, Peak, Dynamic, & Ratio
  • Axle Loads
  • Train Speed
  • Merges AEI Car Tag IDs
  • Total Train Length
  • Overloaded Cars
  • Fore/Aft Load Imbalance
  • Side/Side Load Imbalance
  • Vertical Twist Defect

The WIM family of systems utilize a series of strain gauge sensors applied to the rail which accurately (+/- 1% in most cases) measure wheel weight. The rail mounted sensors are monitored by a fully-automated data collection system which computes loading parameters, then automatically transmits alerts & status reports as required. The data collection system utilizes the same reliable, service-proven hardware & software as our WILD Detectors.

Integrated WILD, Hunting Detection, and other modules can be added as required. See Hunting & Tracking Error Detectors or other wayside systems for more information on these options.